Kensington 10' Poly Tri-Colored Lead Rope

Kensington 10' Poly Tri-Colored Lead Rope

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Gentle on your hands, tough on motion!

  • The Perfect Length: 10 foot ropes are often viewed as the ideal length - long enough to have room if your horse gets silly, but short enough that you don't have a ton of rope in your hand.
  • Soft in the Hand: 5/8" polypropylene is soft and silky to the touch.
  • Sturdy and Durable: This ballistic-quality lead will stand up to whatever antics your horse dishes out!
  • Quality Hardware: A durable swivel snap effortlessly clips and unclips, while the swivel action eliminates tangling
  • Attractive Color Choices: These tri-toned ropes are sure to please, and will coordinate with even the most discerning equestrian's wardrobe!